Aura Soma Colour Care Bottles

Aura Soma Subtle Anatomy Illustration

Who am I ? What is My Background?

My name is Sarah Thewlis. I live in Rotherham, South Yorkshire and was a Primary Teacher for many years. I am basically retired now but whilst teaching became interested in and trained as a Spiritual Healer. I was introduced to the Aura-Soma Support System© during my training and was wowed by its accuracy and amazing resonances. The Here and Now bottle I chose first was B10 Green over Green. It is also called Go Hug a Tree. That is just what I was doing those 2-3 days in North Yorkshire as the grounds had a most amazing 200 year old Copper Beech! I continued to be irresistibly drawn to the bottles after becoming a Full Healer and I decided to train as an Aura-Soma© Practitioner . In 2005 I became a sole-trader when asked to work with cancer patients and be self-employed-hence Rainbow Journeys. I work from client referral and at small local events and share the bottles on Facebook.

The Aura-Soma System© is powerful and life affirming and offers tangible help as we cope with the many changes taking place now. It brings understanding and a chance to stay balanced through all that life throws at us. It is still not as well known in the UK even though it is made in Lincolnshire but it has been evolving and growing worldwide for more than 30 years.

My mission and purpose is to bring to Light that which is hidden! It is a joy then to share the system with you and so revealing the power of colour and light which is your deeper self.

Aura-Soma Practitioner - you are the colours you choose

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