Aura Soma Colour Care Bottles

The Aura Soma© Colour Support System - you are the colours you choose

Colour therapy is a way of supporting our evolving consciousness and The Aura Soma© Colour Support System is a unique system for our time which can gently uncover our true pathway and support our inner being.

Colour is an ancient healing wisdom but relevant again as scientists recognise that all matter is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Aura Soma means the “light-body”. We have an energy body that is absorbing and reflecting light as colour. This is the energy body that healers feel when working with their clients. Colour is light refracted through the visible spectrum but also exists beyond the naked eye. Colour has many meanings and we recognise them intuitively and respond deeply to colours that we love through clothes, décor or flowers. It does not need words so can break down barriers between us through our shared delight say in the blue of a summer sky. The dual coloured bottles of the Aura-Soma Support System act like a mirror which reflects your true nature and resonate deeply at the soul level through their links to the Subtle Anatomy or Chakra System. They are designed to help balance an individual's aura and support body, mind and spirit and so are called Equilibrium - which means to bring back to the centre.

What can the four bottles show you?

0 - Royal Blue/Deep Magenta Spiritual Rescue
Helps transfer deep intuitive insights into practical everyday life. For people who do rescue work during the night - aware or not - brings deep peace and energy.

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0 - Royal Blue/Deep Magenta Spiritual Rescue
Helps transfer deep intuitive insights into practical everyday life. For people who do rescue work during the night - aware or not - brings deep peace and energy.
1 - Blue/Deep Magenta - Chakra 6/Third Eye (Brow)
Helps with communication of the inner being. Highly effective for people who are becoming aware of their spirituality and need to stay grounded. Relates to memory, migraines, insomnia, neuralgia, high blood pressure, lumbago, sciatica, the immune system and acute sinitis. May be useful for emergency situations.
2 - Blue/Blue - Chakra 5/Throat
Eases vocal and communication difficulties by helping to find peace in the conscious mind so that appropriate communication can flow; a powerful reliever of business stress. Relates to colds/flu, tonsillitis, acute infections, pregnancy, teething, underactive thyroid, sternum, throat, endocrine system.
3 - Blue/Green - Chakra 4/Heart
Relates to heart and lung issues including angina, asthma, epilepsy, fibrosis, chronic bronchitis, depression and claustrophobia. Helps to communicate feelings more clearly. May also help in decision-making by providing space to find peace in the conscious mind.
4 - Yellow/Gold - Chakra 3/Solar Plexus
Relates to adrenals, nerve tissue, skin disorders (jaundice), liver, spleen, pancreas and kidneys (re: elimination/cleansing), arthritis, hiatus hernia, diabetes, anorexia; helps to balance body pH and lessens menopausal flushing.
5 - Yellow/Red - Chakra 1/Root
Relates to grounding, sexual or reproductive issues; circulation and blood deficiencies, constipation, bladder and fatigue (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). Do not use this bottle above the waist.
6 - Red/Red The Energy Bottle
Sacrificial love. Powerful energiser, the re-energiser and the basic energy of love.
The whole of the material side of life. In consultation in second also indicates anger, frustration.
7 - Yellow/Green Garden of Gethsemene
The wisdom to find the space within. Trust within the depth of self, knowledge within the conscious mind. Divine sacrifice. Jesus overcoming the survival issues (B6) to open to the possibility of the final test of faith.
8 - Yellow/Blue Anubis
Too much thinking disturbs the inner peace.
Knowing through inner communications. When you find the peace within the depth of yourself then you can communicate the knowledge to the world. A Teacher''s bottle.
9 - Turquoise/Green Heart within the Heart/The Transcendental Heart/The Crystal Cave
The individual search for truth.
Communication from the heart in the top fraction; communication and direction from within. The next level of the heart chakra.
10 - Green/Green Go Hug a Tree
Helps to make decisions.
Harmony with nature, a new space and a new place. Space. Direction. Truth. The Way. The Space giver. A new space and a new place.
11 - Clear/Pink The Essene Bottle1/A Chain of Flowers
Becoming a channel for unconditional love in the world. Warmth, tenderness, compassion. To get a feeling for what unconditional (self) love is about.Clarity in the conscious mind.
12 - Clear/Blue Peace in the New Aeon
Peaceful, friendly communication.
Give to a child with difficulty speaking. A clear channel for peace to come through.
13 - Clear/Green Change in the New Aeon
Space in connection with transition and change. Get in touch with your own direction. The clarity to find the space within. Enlightenment of the heart.
14 - Clear/Gold Wisdom in the New Aeon
To become a clear channel for wisdom.
The clarity in the conscious mind allows that deep wisdom in the depth of the self to express itself.
15 - Clear/Violet Service in the new Aeon
To gain one''s own healing power.
Clarity to find that spirituality within the depth of self. To become a clear channel for transformational service to come through.
16 - Violet/Violet The Violet Robe
Spiritual surrender. Service - spiritual healing - Spirituality. Transformation - "death and dying". Could indicate a possible death experience that the person needs to come to terms with.
17 - Green/Violet Troubadour 1/ The Hope Bottle
A transformed heart. Space to find the spirituality within.
The healing heart, transformation of persecution issues from the deep past.
18 - Yellow/Violet Egyptian Bottle 1/ Turning Tide
Overcoming self deception. The knowledge to find the transformation within. The wisdom to find the service within. The deeper we go the more we get to know ourselves.
19 - Red/Purple Living in the Material World
To build up new energy. Regeneration of energies. Before B89 was born, this was the Energy Rescue bottle. Energy in the conscious mind with spiritual healing service underneath.
20 - Blue/Pink - Chakra 7/Crown
Helps with communication of the inner being. Highly effective for people who are becoming aware of their spirituality and need to stay grounded. Relates to memory, migraines, insomnia, neuralgia, high blood pressure, lumbago, sciatica, the immune system and acute sinitis. May be useful for emergency situations.
21 - Green/Pink New beginning for love
A new beginning in the context of unconditional love. Trust a little and you find that there is a little bit of love to come through the heart.
22 - Yellow/Pink The Rebirther''s Bottle /Awakening
Love without dependency. The wisdom to love yourself again, in the here and now. For re-birthers or people being re-born.
23 - Rose Pink/Pink Love and Light
Regaining self love. Tenderness, compassion, intuition, warmth. The need and the ability to give. Helping to love unconditionally.
24 - Violet/Turquoise A New Message
New Possibilities.
Vibrations to attract true soulmate. Clairvoyants'' bottle.
25 - Purple/Magenta Florence Nightingale
A pioneering spirit, a quest for one''s spiritual service. To be liberated from disappointment. Energised love for transformation and change.
26 - Orange/Orange - Chakra 2/Sacral
Helps to balance endocrine system, useful after chemotherapy and before and after surgery; eases muscle relaxation, Vitamin C absorption, thyroid, bed-wetting, nervous depression, yeast infections and all forms of shock and trauma.
27 - Red/Green Robin Hood
Assertiveness. In 2nd indicates there has been a time in the past when boundaries had to be drawn, particularly in relationships with partners. A time to reassert one''s own space and so nurture one''s own identity.
28 - Green/Red Maid Marion
New beginning. Ladies who have been doormats tend to go for this bottle as they need the energy to come into their new space. When the gift is realised, then there is a sense of inner strength expressing itself in a harmonious way.
29 - Red/Blue Get Up and Go
To bring order into life. Spiritual healing the material side of life. Working for heaven but the material side is too heavy. Forceful communication - maybe too forceful. Right activity will lead to harmony and peace.
30 - Blue/Red Bringing Heaven to Earth
The possibility of bringing a new quality into life. To get energy through communication. Communication of peace with the really positive energy within.
31 - Green/Gold The Fountain
Overcoming deep fear.
Space to find the wisdom within. Wisdom within the depth of self is the fulfilment in the conscious mind.
32 - Royal Blue/Gold Sophia
Imparting of inner truth. Another heart bottle - a message of good things for the future. Difficulties with persecution in the 2nd, authority creating fear in the depths.
33 - Royal Blue/Turquoise Dolphin Bottle/Peace with a Purpose
Peaceful communication.
The creative communication of the heart. Communication of peace to the world. Creativity. Peace with a purpose.
34 - Pink/Turquoise Birth of Venus
Integration of many different levels within the personality. Communication of the heart in unconditional love. The connection to Greece.
35 - Pink/Violet Kindness
Getting closer to the spiritual through love.
Unconditional love in the service of others. Caring and transformation. When you care in the conscious mind, that gives you access to the depth of transformation within.
36 - Violet/Pink Charity
Kindness in service; compassionate and understanding. Spiritual love. Intuition for transformation. Brings self love and love from above.
37 - Violet/Blue The Guardian Angel Comes to Earth
Effectiveness. Communication. Service to the world. Transformational communication. Angelic Beings. Nurturing and protecting. Balanced communication.
38 - Violet/Green Troubadour 2/Discernment
To get from thinking to feeling. New direction for spirituality. Transformation of the heart.
Another of the Troubadour Bottles, indicating persecution in the deep past.
39 - Violet/Gold Egyptian Bottle 2/The Puppeteer
Transformation of deepest fears. The wisdom for transformation. To transform yourself. Knowledge and service to the whole world.
40 - Red/Gold The "I AM" bottle
Self realisation or self knowledge.
Joy, aspiration. Very good for dynamic activity. Expansive activity. Energy to find inner knowledge. The Tibetan bottle.
41 - Gold/Gold The Wisdom Bottle/El Dorado
Assimilation. Wisdom: in-pouring of wisdom from above. Brings more light into all aspects of the personality. Connects with the incarnational star.
42 - Yellow/Yellow Harvest
Spontaneity combined with joy.
Coming into the Light. Joy. Shining from above. Wisdom. Stimulating the intellect. Awakening. Happiness. Bliss.
43 - Turquoise/Turquoise Creativity
Communication through art and the mass media. The creative communication of the heart. Inspiration. A heartfelt communication and experience. Communication - not a one to one but a Universal communication.
44 - Lilac/Pale Blue The Guardian Angel
Transformation of negativity to peace. Inspirational heart within. Alchemical change in the conscious mind. Love from above.
45 - Turquoise/Magenta The Breath of Love
Give and take in love. Deeply energising love with communication through the heart. A deep healing for the heart. A time to love yourself again.
46 - Green/Magenta The Wanderer
New beginning for love. The direction and trust to find the energetic love within. New beginning for Divine love.
47 - Royal Blue/Lemon The Old Soul Bottle
Connecting head and belly. Coming from deep past to communicate wisdom from past into the present. When the heart''s together, that inner calm communication can express itself in the world.
48 - Violet/Clear The Wings of Change
To clarify one''s life purpose. Spiritual cleanser - a time to work within. Clarity within to find the service within the conscious mind.
49 - Turquoise/Violet The New Messenger
Elasticity of the mind through being in touch with inner communications. Expression of feelings. A beginning and ending of cycles. 7x7.
50 - Pale Blue/Pale Blue El Morya
Readiness to live life from now on in harmony with the greater whole. I will that thy will be done through me. Helps you to come to that point within yourself to let the Divine Will be done.
51 - Pale Yellow/Pale Yellow Kuthumi
The intellect in search of wisdom. Helps with a different understanding of forms and energies. The communications of the angelic through the human to the Devic.
52 - Pale Pink/Pale Pink Lady Nada
To experience unconditional love.
The inner sound - Om. Healing with deep love on all levels. Accelerates spiritual growth through a renewed capacity to give, receive and allow love.
53 - Pale Green/Pale Green Hilarion
The Way, The Truth and The Life. A new direction and a new space. The key to unlock the door. Clarity of direction. Inviting synchronicity into one''s life - being in the right place at the right time.
54 - Clear/Clear Serapis Bey
Cleansing on all levels.
For beginning something new. Helps to see things anew - shine the light on a subject, maybe it isn''t what you thought. Brings clarity and vision to issues.
55 - Clear/Red The Christ
To develop sacrificial love. The possibility of awakening to the truth of love. We make inner connections with the source through ourselves.
56 - Pale Violet/PaleViolet St. Germain
Releasing negativity on all levels. Catalyst and transformer. Brings the keys to higher knowledge and mastery of thought.
57 - Pale Pink/Pale Blue Pallas Athena and Aeolus
To release the patterns of the past.
Personal independence - what is hidden needs to be revealed. Encourages one to let go and let God. Pink shines the light into the material affairs of the world.
58 - Pale Blue/Pale Pink Orion and Angelica
Inner and outer journeys. The transformation of impurities at a very deep level. A journeying energy. Intense version of Starchild Rescue, B20.
59 - Pale Yellow/Pale Pink Lady Portia
Judge not, lest ye be judged
Justice and discernment. Be gentle with yourself. Brings balance and discrimination. The potential for great joy and happiness.
60 - Blue/Clear Lao Tsu and Kwan Yin
Be still and "know" who you are.
Finding such deep peace that one calmly accepts what life places on one''s path. The more peaceful you become, the more clarity you find within.
61 - Pale Pink/Pale Yellow Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus Kumara
Personal loss, transpersonal gain. Stepping up to a higher level of vibrations. As above, so below.
62 - Pale Turquoise/Pale Turquoise Maha Chohan
Connection between intellect and spirituality. Supports creativity and expression from the feeling side of the self. The greater teacher. Teaching through the whisperings of the heart.
63 - Emerald Green/Pale Green Djwal Khul and Hilarion
Learning to understand the purpose of life.
Encourages renewal on all levels, fostering new beginnings and opening the way to heartfelt perceptions.
64 - Emerald Green/Clear Djwal Khul
Seek and ye shall find. The only constant in life is change. I am the way … listen and follow. The seeker for truth beyond the subjective reflection of the seeker.
65 - Violet/Red Head in Heaven and Feet on Earth
A bottle of transformation. Transformation... deeply transformative within to perform the transformational service in the world.
66 - Pale Violet/Pale Pink The Actress/The Victoria Bottle
To surround oneself with beauty.
When the service is really beginning to be manifest then unconditional love, in balance with transmutational energies, comes through.
67 - Magenta/Magenta Love from Above
Divine Love, Love in the little things, love merged into service. Spirituality in action. A powerful love bottle, beyond tenderness, into almost passion. Love Divine merged into service.
68 - Blue/Violet Gabriel
Peace and spiritual understanding.
Communication of the transformational energy from within. Sometimes a tendency to idealise.
69 - Magenta/Clear Sounding Bell
The power of love. Purification of desire. Clarification within leading to an expression of dynamic love through the conscious mind.
70 - Yellow/Clear A Vision of Splendour
To gain greater clarity. Can be over intellectual. Integration of newly acquired knowledge. Brings joy in one''s own thought processes.
71 - Pink/Clear The Essene Bottle 2/ The Jewel in the Lotus
Self acceptance. Tender caring. Loving clarity within. A very powerful bottle.
72 - Blue/Orange The Clown, Pagliacci
To free the ''sad clown''. Blue calm and peace within. Communications and nurturing of inner emotional desires.
73 - Gold/Clear Chang Tsu
To transmit deep insights. The more wisdom in the conscious mind, the more clarity within, the more wisdom can flow through us. Deeper version of yellow/clear.
74 - Pale Yellow/Pale Green Triumph
To bring clarity into difficult emotional situations. Will the fear obscure the way of the heart or will happiness and understanding be the realisation as the heart finds its way in the world.
75 - Magenta/Turquoise Go with the flow
Go with the flow.
Restoration of inner Balance, Peace and Harmony. When we find peace within the depth of self then the unconditional love can dynamically express itself.
76 - Pink/Gold Trust
To reach one''s potential through self love. Releasing of old things, letting go - coming to understanding of new wisdom.
77 - Clear/Magenta The Cup
The power of the light force becomes the life force. Spiritual development and the power of discrimination. Revealing the true quality of a person.Powerful bottle.
78 - Violet/Deep Magenta Crown Rescue/The Transition Bottle
The full power of above comes to earth to help humanity. Service and deep transformation. When the full power from above comes to earth for the benefit of mankind.
79 - Orange/Violet Ostrich Bottle
Deep insight used in service. Spiritual shock. The life force brings wisdom to express the teaching in the world.
80 - Red/Pink Artemis
Awakening to the power of love. Bringing Christ energy to the conscious mind.
81 - Pink/Pink Unconditional Love
Self acceptance.
A new beginning for love. I need to be loved as I am not as you want me to be. Compassion in the service of light.
82 - Green/Orange Calypso
Overcoming deep emotional shock. Opening of the heart to allow the wisdom of the past to express itself in the world. A letting go of past emotional conflicts.
83 - Turquoise/Gold Open Sesame
Old wine in new skins. Opening the door as a New Age Teacher to the ancient wisdom. A communication to the many rather than the few. Insight communicated through the feeling side of being.
84 - Pink/Red Candle in the wind
Awakens the true power of love. Lady Nada and The Christ. Unconditional and sacrificial love. Universal love. The desire to care.
85 - Turquoise/Clear Titania
Expression of suppressed feelings.
Creative communication of the heart in the service of light. Helps to move creative blocks. Inner illumination.
86 - Clear/Turquoise Oberon
To bring clarity into matters of the heart. Links with deep past - to become a channel for Atlantean and Lemurian energies. Communication for the light.
87 - Coral/Coral The Wisdom of Love
Unrequited love. Clearing unrequited love from the past. A gentle shock absorber.
88 - Green/Blue Jade Emperor
Love of nature. Peace within the depths of self, communication of the heart at a conscious level. Feeling of Heaven. The nature of the celestial.
89 - Red/Deep Magenta Energy Rescue/The Time Shift Bottle
Energy for healing love. To attain healing energy. Helps to bring the body/mind together again during states of extreme fatigue or disconnectedness.
90 - Gold/Deep Magenta Wisdom Rescue
The solar plexus bottle. To embrace one''s own confusion. For deeply traumatic times. Overcome the fears and confusions to reveal the gold of wisdom and true value within yourself.
91 - Olive Green/Olive Green
Feminine Leadership of the heart. Developing feminine leadership qualities. Issues of the Heart. Releasing fear from the heart.
92 - Coral/Olive Green Gretel
To gain trust in one''s own intuition. Leads to deep insights through practical (spiritual) experiences.
93 - Coral/Turquoise Hansel
Communication of deepest joy. Getting in touch with the inner intuitive layers. Supports the ability to make use of insights gained in this way.
94 - Pale Blue/Pale Yellow Archangel Michael
Surrender of the individual will to the Divine Will. Facilitates moving from a state of hope to a state of faith as all judgements and attachments are surrendered to live in accordance with the Divine plan.
95 - Magenta/Gold Archangel Gabriel
The alignment of your soul consciousness or true aura with the self. Only by loving oneself first can love for the entire ''family of man'' be realised. Love in the little things and the wisdom to connect with that.
96 - Royal Blue/Royal Blue Archangel Raphael
Communication of the higher self with the self. A desire to replace survival and security issues with a peace that passeth all understanding.
97 - Gold/Royal Blue Archangel Uriel
The ancient wisdom of the golden ray dawns in the conscious mind. Clear seeing into our innermost depths. Facilitates the refinement of our innermost essence.
98 - Lilac/Coral Archangel Sandalphon /Margaret''s bottle
Transformation through interdependency. The transmutation of negativity at a conscious level while we are bringing a new level of co-operation from within.
99 - Pale Olive Green/Pink Archangel Tzadkiel/Cosmic Rabbits
A step into the waters of life. Transmutation of sexual problems created by anticipation and expectations. Love opening into the world.
100 - Clear/Deep Magenta Archangel Metatron
The alchemical possibility of embracing our wholeness. Letting go of the deepest levels of fear. A transformation for the deepest levels of suffering.
101 - Pale Blue/Pale Olive Archangel Jophiel
The opening to a new level within our being. Cleansing of the emotions and the communication of the feeling in the world. The female leadership from within the depths of the self meets the Higher Will.
102 - Deep Olive/Deep Magenta Archangel Samael
O-live. The hope in us is rescued in the face of difficulty. Samael the Archangel reminds us not to deny what we don''t want to see.
103 - Opalescent Pale Blue/Deep Magenta Archangel Haniel
The support and the higher will. The light at the end of the tunnel begins to glimmer in the distance.
104 - Iridescent Pink/Magenta Archangel Chamael
It is as it is. A new beginning for love. A new order of being.
105 - Iridescent Coral/Coral Archangel Azreal
Deep insight, insight, ecstasy, upliftment.
106 - Misty Pale Olive/Misty Lilac - Archangel Ratziel
Reciprocal maintenance and the inner alchemy of the heart. I knowingly participate in the unfold of the plan on earth.
107 - Opalescent Turquoise/Deep Magenta
The creative absorbency that may be accessed by each of us. The love of the mother. The sea of consciousness opens before me as I let go of the past.
108 - Mid Tone Turquoise/Mid Tone Olive
Archangel Jeremiel: Through the stillness and the letting go comes the communication of love and truth from the heart.
109 - Magenta/Mid Tone Olive
Archangel Zachariel: Sincerity in love. Letting go, we are already forgiven.
110 - Pale Rose Pink/Deep Magenta
Archangel Ambriel: Forgiveness, the rescue of self acceptance that we may love ourselves again.

Why can I see 2 layers in the bottles?

The bottles incorporate plant extracts, essential oils and the energies and extracts of precious and semi-precious stones. All bottles are a layer of an oil fraction over a water fraction both of which start as a highly purified base before the addition of the extracts and finally the incorporation of man-made colour. As such the system represents 3 kingdoms coming together as one. Each colour fraction is gently energised and potentised through movement and is imbued with love and intention at all times to support the highest good. When shaken and applied to the skin in a band around the body these energetic properties interact with the individual’s aura to provide gentle support in times of growth and change for you.

There are more than a 100 bottles how do I choose them?

Initially 4 bottles which appeal most strongly to you can be chosen. Basically the ones you like the best! Vicki Wall founder of the system 30 years ago said “You are the colours you choose.”

It sometimes helps to imagine you are on a desert island and can only take one at a time. My role as the practitioner/consultant is to help you to engage with the choices made and discuss these in relation your own experiences. It is non-intrusive. A formal consultation sheet summarises the discussion and is signed by you to ensure you accept your responsibility to act from this consultation. No physical claims are made by the system.

Where does the Aura-Soma System come from?

In 1983 the system of Aura-Soma was ‘birthed' through a lady called Vicky Wall who had lost her sight following diabetes and heart attack. She had always had auric sight and it was this aspect of her sight that was enhanced when her normal sight deteriorated. She was the 7 th child of a 7 th child and these children are often said to have psychic abilities and this was true for Vicky. During her working life she was one of the first female surgical chiropodists in England and had also been an ambulance driver in the Blitz. But her full mission wasn't revealed until after she thought she had retired with poor health.  

Vicky felt ‘other hands guided hers' as she poured the first of the dual coloured Equilibrium bottles in a trance like state. She was already selling natural creams and lotions that she made and sold the bottles alongside, as she knew the ingredients of aromatherapy oils and herbal extracts would be highly beneficial for the skin. However as people drew near and chose bottles a deeper meaning was revealed as Vicky could see that people were drawn to colours she could see in their aura.  

‘You are the colours you choose and these reflect our beings needs'   

The application of the oils revealed their potential to restore equilibrium on all levels as people reported the benefits they had received from using the products. 

Today the system is recognised world wide and is still evolving as new bottles and new information comes forward. All products are made to the Demeter Standard in Tetford , Lincolnshire. 

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