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Welcome to the Rainbow Journeys Website where an adventure into the awesome power of colour awaits you. Harnessing the magic of colour through the unique properties of the Aura-Soma Colour Support System® you can shed light and understanding on your personal journey on many levels. You now have the opportunity to realise you have a ?light body? and ?You are the Colours You Chose?. We are drawn to colour in so many ways and its symbolism is something we all share but there are deeper reasons why we share this. Choose one bottle for a free mini-consultation and discover more?..

Aura Soma Subtle Anatomy Illustration

How can I see the bottles and have a Full On-line Consultation?

The best way to view the Equilibrium bottles is at a small show or MBS Event where Rainbow Journeys is present. These events are usually advertised on my Facebook page. A more accessible way for those of you who are further away is through an On-Line Consultation via Skype and or Facetime. A camera link is essential so the bottles can be seen. Follow this link Aura-Soma Colour-Care-System page to see the bottles. As a starter, 1 bottle will be discussed for free!

If you are intrigued and would like a Full Consultation choose 4 from the Bottles page. When you have chosen 4 let me know by email or Facebook Messenger ( if you are a Friend). We can arrange a date and time the Consultation On-Line. It is important to know your order of choice in the bottles as this determines the discussion. However as we can look at them together if changes are needed or you have more than 4 we can sort this out and decide on a final choice and order. At anytime your bottle choice may change but every choice is valid as the Soul sees what is needed to be revealed at that time. After our chat I will complete the Consultation Form and post out to you with Invoice. The consultation process is validated when you use the bottle to support your own energy body through this process. The balance bottle is shaken in the left hand and applied around the body in a band depending on the colours. If you require any products I will source them from my AS stockist at a small discount to you. Other products which support your colour choices and protect the aura are the Pomanders and/ or the Quintessences which enable a deeper connection to your inner journey can be purchased as well. These would be discussed at the Consultation.

Claim your FREE mini consultation

To claim a free mini consultation please complete this simple form. By completing this form you agree to allow Rainbow Journeys to contact you to help you to understand the bottles you have chosen and to offer you the chance of a full Consultation or the possibility of seeing Rainbow Journeys near you.

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Aura-Soma Practitioner - you are the colours you choose

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